Dec 19, 2016

Clean and Happy!

Hi guys! Happy to be partnering with my new best parenting friend, Clean and Happy! It's a community of moms and dads supporting each other and discussing the hundreds of topics that come up every day when you're a parent. It seems like there's always some new safety info out and if you aren't connected somewhere, you can miss out on important info.

Darcy is almost 6 months old and is already fairly mobile. He's not crawling but he can definitely scoot himself around if he wants. It helps to have Goldie at such a good age to tattle on him (lol) but is already important. I like getting ideas from other parents on things I might have overlooked because I'm lacking in sleep!

Not only can we all share safety tips, there are so many topics everywhere from healthy snacks to rainy day activities. Having a newborn can certainly be isolating. I felt it so much when Goldie was an infant and although I've fought through it and it has been easier his time, I still tend to feel isolated because it's just harder to get out (and I love staying busy). It's nice to have a little community of parents and caregivers to interact with.

Come join me at and get in the conversation!

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Xo, Coury