Jan 19, 2017

New year, new....?

Hey guys! Happy to share with you the next installment in my partnership with Papyrus.

So, I don't really make resolutions and this year is a strange year anyway because I have an infant and when I have an infant it takes over my entire life so "having an infant" is kinda my goal for the year. Haha. Mostly joking, but when I read a tip somewhere to buy a bunch of cards at the beginning of the year so you'll have them on hand for whatever occasion arises I thought it was a great idea. I have been so bad about handwriting and snail mailing cards in the past, but partnering with Papyrus and having a 4 year old who is obsessed with the mail has helped me do way better at that in 2016. Looking forward to sending LOTS more cards in the mail in 2017.

As always, Papyrus has the cutest cards ever. The "Eat Cake For Breakfast" card is an obvious favorite of mine and I enjoyed the Jane Austen quote especially since she inspired my son's name. :)

There are a million reasons to show others that we're thinking about them and it's just so special to receive a hand written note these days. I'm proud to be giving Goldie these fun memories of our card writing "parties".

*This post was sponsored by Papyrus and all opinions are mine. Thanks a million for supporting my sponsors who allow me to do what I love.