May 2, 2014

18 months of heaven.

Wow, I guess I'm stumped sitting here sipping my iced coffee, watching Goldie sleep in past 7:30AM. Stumped at how fast and how slow the last 18 months have gone. This is the age I always pictured in my mind when I imagined having "a baby". It's adorable to look back and think about how utterly clueless I was. I had honestly never even held a newborn baby.

I took to it well and gave my whole self to this little angel. We have had some tough moments in the last year and a half but also some of the happiest moments of my life. There have been moments when I fully realized that my biggest dream has come true and it's real and perfect and in that moment, I have everything I could ever need. Of course, I have many other dreams and the best part is that now Goldie can see me  achieve my dreams. I want so much for her to be proud of me.

The big milestone since my last post is that she is now weaned. This is the biggest milestone we have ever reached. HUGE for us. HUGE. I wasn't expecting the pain since she was only down to two nurses a day when we stopped. I can't imagine if someone were to quit from full time nursing all of a sudden. OUCH! Be prepared...that's all I can say. I was hurting for about 10 days just to let anyone who will go through the same thing know.  I was prepared for the emotional effect it would have on me and I was pleasantly surprised that I feel mostly happy and relieved. She was so easy to wean! Hardly a tear..and that was the biggest pleasant surprise. I feel so grateful to her for making it so easy on me. I will also admit that I had fears of her "not liking me as much" when I wasn't her ticket to sleepy town. We have actually had MORE cuddle time and more bonding time since I stopped nursing. Overall, it's just been amazing for us....

One direct result of weaning has been.....drumroll please....SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. Yep, you heard me. It only took 17 months, but she can stay asleep all night by herself now (unless something's bugging her and I know that will happen for many more years) but the point is that on a good night when everything is A-ok, she will sleep all night. Thank you, JESUS!

She's definitely starting to talk more although she isn't saying too many words. She can now name her whole family in her own way and it's been so precious to see her asking for them or calling for them. Just indescribable, the preciousness of this.

Her favorite book is "Dream Animals; A Bedtime Journey" and her favorite song is still "Do the Propeller" by The Wiggles. Her favorite toy is any of her babies. She loves loading a bunch of them up in her doll stroller and stroller them around her room. She LOVES wearing purses and putting on Mama's shoes. Girly girl indeed.

Goldie's beautiful and wonderfully made dress is from Le Bees Knees!

XO, Coury

PS: I opened up comments on this post because I'd love to hear about your memories of your 18 month old or what your current 18 month is up too..or your weaning stories...or anything really. ♥

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  1. She is adorable! My daughter just turned 1 year old and I can't even imagine how different she will be in 6 months. I applaud you for nursing this long. I didn't last nearly that long, and I wish I had because I know the benefits are tremendous. Glad to hear she's been extra snuggly! That's the best thing, isn't it?


  2. Thank you Coury for sharing your journey with Goldie on here, it's been so beautiful watching her grow and reading about your new life as a Mother. It really makes me so excited to be a Mum too one day, and I know all your little tips and comments will sure come in handy then! I wish you and your little family every happiness in the world and look forward to seeing more of your journey together in the future, Goldie really is such a perfect little darling! 💜

  3. Hey! What a great post! It's crazy how different babies can be. I don't have children but a good friend of my mothers has a baby and I just love her to death. She is like the happiest baby ever, whenever we watch her she never cries and if she almost starts to all you have to do is change her position or make funny faces and she is happy again. Her mother says she literally sleeps through the entire night every night. Pretty crazy right? I believe she is 7 months old and I'm convinced she's a genius. She already sort stands and is super talkative.

  4. Coury this has got to be one of the sweetest posts about motherhood that I have ever read. Makes me look forward to having a little squirt of my own more than you could know. Thanks for sharing .

  5. I'm really happy for you all. And I think it's more special since you are now living close to your family.

  6. what a sweet post and what a sweet girl you have. i like your sentiment in the first amazing at how slowly yet how quickly the time goes by. sometimes it can feel like you are stuck and that you'll never get a good night's sleep again, or something....then all of a sudden you look back and you're like...whoa, when did that happen? my littlest (i have three) is 5 now. she nursed for the longest and each time it was bittersweet when they weaned. with her it was the most because i knew she'd be my last....and nursing my babies was practically my favorite part of motherhood (aside from pregnancy). but, don't worry babe....good times are coming. thank you for sharing those moments with us.


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