Feb 22, 2017

Evenflo x Fancy Treehouse.

Hey guys! Happy to team up with Evenflo today to try out their Sibby Travel System.  We went out for a little family time on Saturday and had the loveliest stroll and scones and parfaits and coffee. Family time right now is as precious as gold.

I love the speckled grey color of the Sibby and unlike most strollers I've tried, it all came in one piece which was nice and easy. It also makes it easier to take places because it doesn't have to be disassembled every time you put it in the trunk (or tram at Disneyland haha).

My favorite thing about it was the attached ride along board for Goldie. I've never seen a stroller include that! I've always had to order them separately so that was much appreciated.  She's super into the ride along boards these days. I'm cherishing that because I know it's a limited amount of time.



This post was sponsored by evenflo and all opinions are my own. Thanks!