Mar 3, 2017

Persil at Target!

I'm just like nearly every other person in America who thoroughly enjoys a trip to my local Target. When the kind folks at Persil asked me to spread the word that their amazing detergent is now at Target stores, I practically ran out the door because I'll take any excuse to browse for hours! I like using fragrance-free and dye-free for the kids but I like the fresh scent for the rest of our laundry. Persil has both options and goodness knows we get a lot of stains on our clothes because...two kids. Persil uses the "10 dimensions of clean" to get stains out and it works so well. I tried a couple of Goldie's dresses that have little stains I couldn't get out with anything else and they came out completely clean! Win.

Anyway, in celebration of Persil being available at Target I thought I would snap some pics of my favorite things at Target these days. :)

Such beautiful fresh local flowers and the dollar spot is all Easter'd up and it is making my heart sing. We got a couple of Spring banners for our mantle. I love that the outdoor section is filling up too! Getting me excited for Spring! Of course, there could never be a Target trip without a drawn out visit to the toy section. I always negotiate doing toys last to keep Goldie on her best behavior (not that she is ever not on her best behavior in stores but it helps her to be extra patient). Also, Darcy can now sit in the cart and I have to marvel at the passing of time and how relentless it is with it's speed.

Go pick up some Persil Detergent at Target!

*This post was sponsored by Persil and all opinions are my own. Thanks so much for supporting my blog and it's sponsors.

XO, Coury