Jun 14, 2010

Had a great morning with G and I've been working photoshop-ing it since noon (albeit with a few popsicle and kettle corn breaks). It's very tempting to work with my laptop on our altogether too comfortable couch but I've been fighting it and only working in the "office". It's nice because I can maybe relax a bit when I'm actually sitting on the couch. I'm not very good at relaxing most of the time though. There's no time!


One thing I really missed when I had to wear that damned cast was braiding my hair. I did the ol' fishtail today. (: What can I say? Being severely interesting is what I do best!

Anyway, I've certainly made no secret of my love for this song through the years.
As a bonus, how cute is he in this video? (:

Love today!


  1. I can't see the video girlie galie goilie
    Cute braid! Cute outfit! Cute you!

  2. that last photo is so pretty :) i lovelove braids!

  3. i want to see a tutorial for that braid- i such at doing any other than the ordinary braid- please share

    xx ediot

  4. I love the first photo. The purple flowers are beauuutiful!

  5. Thank you for putting up that song!! Who knew that many months later, you would make my Friday morning :)


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