Jun 13, 2010

Today was a fabulous Sunday.
For some reason we decided to go to Beachwood Canyon. On a Sunday.
It actually ended up being really funny/fun.
So very many tourists.
I love seeing the excitement on their faces. They were freaking out about the view and I saw a man in a Charlie Brown t-shirt stopping on the street to snap a pic of the Hollywood sign and a man on the hiking trail with who said, "Naya, whodathunk it? A horse raynch in the middle of hawllywood!"
I took pictures in this dress this morning for the store and just couldn't take it off...so comfy, flowy, and perfect for a mild LA summer day.


I guess True Blood is on soon. I kinda hate it but I kinda have to watch it because my guy likes.

1 comment:

  1. that dress is kind of perfect. and hollywood tourists crack me up! they get so excited about everything, i love it.


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