Jul 25, 2010

Cinnamon Toast.

Great day. Out for coffee with Ms. Nancy Drew. I can't even tell you how many times I have read this book. It takes me about 30 minutes to plow through the entire thing. I'm going to say that my favourite thing about all these books is when Nancy orders cinnamon toast at hotel restaurants. I would like to think that I would do that too if I was out solving mysteries. Unfortunately, I've never solved one mystery. I think I'll add "solving a mystery" to my list of things I need to do in life. Next on my list is opening up a real life shop. Soon!





Oh, and I have a question for you. When I want to reply to your comments, do I do it on my post or try to go to your blog and reply? What's the protocol? :)


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  2. You can do it either way. Sometimes bloggers tend to comment under their own post. But I usually go over to theirs to reply. Just so my readers will know I made an effort to actually read their comment/blog. Anyway, I really hope the shop works out soon! That's so exciting.

  3. Hah your last question made me laugh, I've wondered the same thing myself, but never thought to ask. I tend to reply on the other persons blog, but I think that if the person who asks the question genuinely wants to know the answer, then they will come back to see if you have replied. I know I've asked you 2 questions before about a green dress and your clogs, came back to see if you had written an answer and ended up buying the same clogs a few days ago!! x

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  5. i used to love the nancy drew books, i remember getting scared when i read them! your shorts are amazing. i need them now! :)

    and in regards to your question: I try to comment on other people's blogs. But that's just what I tend to do.


  6. I like your hair ;)

  7. Yes, you MUST open up a shop that would be splendid and I would save on shipping! Ha :)

  8. It varies for me! Sometimes I'll just reply on my blog, but sometimes I'll go to the other person's blog and comment on their entry and then also respond to what they said to me.
    I like to show an interest to other bloggers. :)

    I love nancy drew.
    I need all the books now.
    oh, and cinnamon toast...

  9. Just want to let you know that I just posted My Favorite Looks of the Week post, where a photograph of your look is included.

    You can view it here: http://afewsillylittlethings.blogspot.com/2010/07/my-favorite-looks-of-week-first-edition_25.html

    Thanks again for letting me use your image!


  10. girl, you 're gorgeous, i mean you look great :D

  11. ahh!! nice outfit!!
    great combination1

  12. you HAVE to open up a shop :)
    i would be a regular customer.

    where'd you get your shirt from??
    i loove it!

  13. I usually forget to come back to see a response. Since I monitor my comments and someone replies to something I asked on their blog I can either leave it up or remove it once I've read it.

    Opening a shop has been a dream of mine for so long. I hope your dream comes true!

  14. ohh I used to love Nancy Drew, I swear I have read hundreds of those mystery books.

    I have the same question about blog comments, as I too sometimes forget to return to where I have commented - and if I do remember to, I have often almost missed a lovely response from them.

    As I only get a few comments I tend to visit the person and respond on their blog, unless it is a question (eg. about a recipe) that I think others will benefit from seeing the answer.

    Love your outfit!

  15. Haha I love that we've all wondered about reply-protocol! I usually visit the commenters' blogs to leave a comment there, but if someone leaves a very specific comment or a question, I will reply on my post. Hope that helps!

  16. What a great blog. And awesome style!



  17. let me know if you open up your shop. i will come!

    and protocol..i rarely read the same blog posts twice, and i never check their comments. so, i always go to other peoples blogs to comment. it's just more likely they'll see it & you can become friends!

  18. I agree with rachel for the question ;)

    love the shorts! ♥

  19. oooohhh. love your outfit.. again! the shorts, so vintage!


  20. I personally love when a blogger takes the time to post on my blog (Im new, so its only happened a few times) but I get a lil excited.

    I follow you, check me out too!



  21. love nancy drew! gorgeous outfits. x

  22. That's mah fave Nancy Drew. Quest of the Missing Map is #1. Ps - thanks to you I'm totes going to Old Focals. Have needed an eye check up for years...


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