Jul 25, 2010

Sometimes LA is really beautiful (in it's own strange way).

I'm sitting in my car in a nice neighborhood in Beverly Hills waiting on my guy who's at the dentist. I'm always so curious as to how these people aquired these houses. And then I wonder if they have happy families and if they have fun together. Yes, I am being creepy.
I'll miss all the palm trees when we move away someday. And I'll miss the overcast mornings that melt away into warm sunny days.

Anyway, I got these heart button denim shorts yesterday. I'm always sold on absolutely anything with hearts on it. And a striped shirt is a striped shirt right? Wrong. Basics from APC are just better than any other.

Have you ever tried to type a blog from your iPhone? It's pretty hard. Especially when your phone is 2 years old and you have over 5,000 pictures in your photo library. Slow is an understatement. Patience can be my strong suit.

I have started to get really annoyed with LA drivers. I have always driven in LA ever since I could drive, so I was always just one in the hurried pack. But if anyone else has a Prius and also has any degree of OCD you will understand the game I like to play with keeping my mpg up.

Anyway, I'm definitely rambling. Must be the iPhone. Here are some pictures in our neighborhood.






Oh yes, and thanks for the answers on "protocol". I feel better about it now. :)
Thanks for your comments as well. I feel like there are so many nice people I don't know but I want to get to know everybody! So yay!


  1. I'm always one for hearts on clothing as well.
    This outfit is amazing!
    I love the colors and of course I love your satchel.
    I hope you saw the My Favorite Looks of the Week post featuring your look.

    What type of camera do you use?


  2. ohh. forget to ask!
    sometime would you be up for an interview with me?

    just let me know!


  3. you're always the cutest of my life.

  4. I'm impressed by this post. I hate chat-speak and if I had to do a blog post via my cell I would resort to using chat-speak just to hurry it up!

  5. You're right. Basics aren't just basics. I've determined that in 2010 i'm filling my closet with the best basics I can, and adding trendy accessories like artwork and home furnishing accessories. I'm a nerd, I know.

    Annnd, I'm in love with stripes, specifically navy and white. Stripes on upholstery are my favorite (and wallpaper!) A vintage sofa with linen stripes. I die...

    I just started a new blog. My husband and I are going on a new adventure to the deep south. Check it out: http://thebowtieandtheskirt.blogspot.com/


  6. who takes all these great pictures?

  7. what is this bag? is it the topshop or asos version of the PS1?

    thanks :-)

  8. Comfortable and chic, the honest to goodness best combination. Love everything about your outfit (but I especially love the bag!)


  9. Amazing outfit! If you want, follow my blog too. http://theonlyfashionprincess.blogspot.com
    thankyou x

  10. i've already written it before , but i i'll tell you it one more time - your so beautiful and you have amazing style :)

  11. you look amazinggg

  12. i definitely love your bag!! your wole look-- so vintage!!! love it!


  13. my husband and i lived in LA several years ago too, before we moved away and started our family.. so i can relate to that sentiment. yes, you will definitely miss LA! 8 years later and I still do. I just visit whenever I can now:))
    great pics w/the city behind you.


  14. I bought that Topshop bag after seeing your blog. It cost the earth but I totally wanted it after seeing you wear it. Topshop should pay you for making there stuff look good. your such a star!


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