Aug 30, 2010


Hey guyszees.
I'm too old to go back to school but I still wanted to wear a back to school outfit. I love this mustard and dusty blue combo.
These past couple of weeks have been CRAZY. We might actually get to relax in the next few days..a little. (:

My sister is here finally! We are going to walk down to Bottega Louie and get a coffee and a treat in a lil.


  1. Yeah I am!
    Cant wait for treats tonight.

    I'll leave you with this--
    "You keep our house *SQUAWK* fresh and clean"

  2. What a great Fall look!
    That location is beautiful, too.

  3. i better see laur before i go. i'm serious. tomorrow is our last day here.
    move whatever you have on the schedule, meet me for some cof cof. we all need it. lets make it happenz!

  4. these colours are all gorgeous together, i love your shoes too- perfect!

  5. i think you look just a little bit like julia roberts, have someone told you that till now?

    cute outfit, like the blouse!

    xoxo claudia

  6. Lovely outfit, very cute. I love the place you took the photos too.

  7. I love those butterscotch-colored shoes. They go perfect with your back-to-school ensemble.


  8. It must be nice to be able to just walk to Bottega Louie. How I adore that restaurant. I might actually go to lunch there for my birthday coming up. Hurrah.

  9. This is so cute :)

  10. Oh I love this! The color combination is lovely, so autumn-ey!


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