Sep 1, 2010

Fake Weekend.

Well, I lied. Not much relaxing this weekend!
My sis just snapped a couple of pics in our buildings hallway.
We worked really hard on our old place so we could get back the $1600 deposit we had to pay. Crazy, I know.
I don't ever want to see another can of paint, roller, or paintbrush. Ever. Again.
Had sandwiches for lunch at Larchmont. I hadn't been in a while. Forgot how amazingly good they are.
Then we had pizza delivered to our loft for dinner. It was very....convenient...but no Bottega Louie. We just didn't feel like walking down to pick it up. Next time, I will walk through herds and herds of crazy folk to get Bottega pizza.
Now we're watching "Julie & Julia". God bless instant netflix. We made a Pegboard for our kitchen inspired by Julia (& Meryl because I love her).

Got lots of work to do tomorrow but it's hard to do anything when serious things are happening within my extended family. Always reminders to cherish those I love.

Goodnight everyone. Dream about Jesus. My mom used to say that to me before bed every night. It definitely helped me sleep better. (:
Tomorrow is a brand new day! Hopefully it will be filled with Lace & Polka Dots. And cooler September weather.


  1. deposits are a work of the devil, I am convince of this, or else they would not exist and renters wouldnt make it hell getting it back!

    ps. has anyone ever told you that you look sort of like Julia Roberts?

  2. I love your lavender shorts! They are beautiful.

    Nice indoors pics.

  3. love this outfit! those shorts are amazing! oh I watched julie and julia last weekend and thought it was so great. it was so funny that within hours of watching it, someone actually recommended it to me :)

  4. wish you and your loved ones all the best.take care and bake lots of cookies and cakes, thats what i do when things go rough.. and it actually helps.

  5. i just found your blog, and i love it. happy thursday :)

  6. <3 your top. Also, your hallway looks beautifully covered in brick.

  7. beautiful shots and you too! :-*

  8. I love lace! I think is one of the things that came back that I love and I can't wait to buy something like the blouse verrier did for spring 2009. I love it!

    I love your blog since I saw it at the elle magazine and I just started one so I don't really have any viewers. I will appreciate any comment you have. It is



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