Aug 6, 2010

Livin' in the lighthouse.

This is my sweater with a lighthouse on it. I should be on a boat or something while wearing it but I guess that would be like wearing a band's t-shirt to their show, or a Minnie Mouse sweatshirt at Disneyland. Basically, so stupid it's wonderful!

We visited the new Intelli in Pasadena for the first time this morning. It is gorgeous. I get the feeling we will be spending a lot of time there.

We have so much to do in the next three weeks and starting on it today. Moving is so hard..but so so so fun. I'm super excited.

The lighthouse on my sweater made me think of the Arcade Fire song, "The Well and the Lighthouse". So now I am listening the hell out of "Neon Bible". Still love it. Incredible. On the other hand, I also really love the soundtrack for The Little Mermaid on Broadway. can't really listen to what I say unless you like lots of silly things like me. (:

Yay for people who work normal weeks! It's Friday. I hope you can eat lots of fun food and go to a water park or something. I've actually been wanting to go to a water park but I am fairly sensitive to germs...and wearing a bathing suit around. Truth be told, I wish I could wear a wetsuit, but I would get more stares than I could handle.

Ok, bye. &hearts


  1. i can listen to you!
    because i love all sorts of silly, wonderful things, too.

  2. Super cute look! Love the shirt!:)

  3. They definitely SHOULD have an app for making picture collages. I'm excited to get an iphone. George and I are getting it through his work (Apple), but I will definitely miss my blackberry. I can't wait to visit the Intelli in Pasadena. One more reason, why we need to move back to our hometown. And I love love love the lighthouse sweater. All of your pieces are always so unique! :)

  4. I heard the slides at Raging Waters are still super exciting, but the water probably has a lot of pee in it :/

  5. I love stupidly wonderful sweaters... I just recently bought one with a huge rainbow on it that covers the chest and arms... and also have one with cats and love hearts on it (and I am not at all a cat person).

  6. oh I love this outfit, you look gorgeous lady!

  7. Ohhh I love the jumper! It's so cute! And you should definitely try and bring the wetsuit into fashion! I think it'll catch on soon! xxx

  8. in love with your sweater! and gah i hate working weeks! the weekend is way too short

  9. Adorable! I love your shoes - are the from Dieppa Restrepo? Hmm you're making me wish I bought the Repetto loafers similar to those...and a lighthouse sweater, and bleach my hair, and move to LA!


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