Aug 5, 2010

It's like..a heat wave.

Long dresses usually scare me or take me back somewhere I don't want to go. I haven't figured out if I like wearing this one yet. You'd think I would know after wearing it different ways 3 days in a row. Life!

Anyway, just got back from a relaxing weekend with my family. We watched home videos (my dad took A LOT when we were young) and I'm happy to report that I haven't changed much. I owe that to my parents. They always made me feel smart and pointed out my personality quirks in a good way that made me feel special. I never felt like I had to try to be somebody I wasn't. Everyone has a unique personality, wouldn't it be great if everyone was encouraged to embrace their quirks? It's definitely a cliche thought but sometimes it's the most obvious things that I need to remind myself of.
I put together a hipstamatic collage. It will be cool when we can get amazing images without having to lug around a huge nikon. Someday, but not today!

In other news, we got chosen for a loft but just today the building decides they want to start charging $100 a month more for parking. I mean, seriously? I've got to mull over whether this is worth it. Also need to stop thinking about having babies for today. I have work to do tonight.

If you can, eat some chocolate today. And peanut butter. I am. It's making me even happier than I already am.


  1. Thank you for so many reminders...

  2. I love your style!
    I'm brazlian but I'm living in LA too...and your blog was the best discovered for me ;))
    I'm livng with my boyfriend for a while (he is american) to see how is the life here...If everything is ok...I'm gonna get married and move from here next year.
    So far I'm in love with the such a amazing place! I think I could live here forever lol


  3. LOVE the skirt/dress's CUTE!

  4. this outfit is pretty dang fabulous.

    chocolate & peanut butter = best combo.
    although, i just had a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich from trader joe's (i think angels made them, mmm GOOD), so i better save that deliciousness for tomorrow... or = major sugar rush. ;)

  5. So pretty! Love the knotted tee! ;)

  6. Ohh, but babies are so wonderful. If you & Gabe had babies... they would be like beautiful, singing models playing the piano. ahhh.

    Oh, I made some inspiration from your flower crown. Did you make your flower crown yourself?

  7. I can't wait for you and G to have babies.. I'm just sayin' ;) And yes, definitely a blessing to have parents that encouraged you to be confident in who you are. =)

  8. i like the long skirt, muy cute.

    $100 per month for parking?? that's steep!

    have a happy weekend (:

  9. It looks really good on you! like your blog :)


  10. LOVELY! you're really great && inspirational! :)

  11. I love love love your hipstamatic collages. Do you do them on your iphone?

  12. amazing outfit!
    Amazing blog!!
    Love it!


  13. so glad i stumbled upon your blog!! i've saved a bunch of your outfits from lookbook and stuff but never realized you had a blog. this is even better! you have some mad style.

  14. That skirt is gorgeous, the whole look is perfect for a casual summer outfit!

  15. You look gorgeous! I love everything about this outfit, the colors, that ring, the glasses!



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