Nov 11, 2011

We found the avenue of trees, went up to the hill.

Woohoo. Another sunny day. And it's Friday! I can't wait to eat some fall time treats this weekend.

Christmas is coming so early this year. We already went to a Christmasy party last night. It makes me feel like I'm behind on decorating and gift buying. But it's so fun I need not let it rush me. I'm excited because this year I'm able to offer gift certificates to my shop so if you know anyone who would want this as a gift it'll be fun! :) I'm going to send out special cards to whoever orders one so it will be extra special.

Here's my wannabe Fairy Tale outfit. A cape and knee socks always makes me feel like a character (in the best way).


Peter Pan Dress/Blouse: Fancy Treehouse
Cape Sweater: Fancy Treehouse
Skirt: Fancy Treehouse
Sweatery mini Bag: Fancy Treehouse
(extra 50% off all sale this weekend only with code EXTRA50)
Boots: c/o Nine West

And here are my latest instagrams. :)

Any Twilight fans out there? Just kidding. Of course there are. Anyway, I am a fan. I know it's beyond uncool, but I've never been one to care about such a thing. Those books are very special to me and so of course I watch the movies and the Breaking Dawn soundtrack just came out so I'm excited to force myself to like every song. The only time I listen to "Indie" bands anymore is when a Twilight soundtrack comes out.

Anyway, whatever. I'm strictly on the corny side. :)
Have a sweet weekend.

XO Coury



  1. yes! the soundtracks to the twilight movies are definitely always a must for me. and i always go and see the movies.... in fact my birthday activity this year is shoe shopping then going to see breaking dawn with my mum.

  2. Such great styling here! Love your cape and hope to snatch it from you! I'm also a Twilight fan, I love the books but the movies is great also =)

    Hope you have a great weekend as well!


  3. You're so so pretty! I love your boots.. actually I love all your outfit! You have such a great style!

  4. The dotted blouse with the pleated skirt is such a beautiful look! Happy Friday!

  5. Gorgeous cape C! Love how the knit instantly transforms your ensemble into a winter wonderland! Can't wait to see B.Dawn myself...Team Edward all the wayyyy!

    Happy Weekend babe!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

  6. I'm a fan too! I feel silly b/c I have a degree in English, so I'm sure I should be reading and talking about far more intellectual things, but it's like you said, whatever. Sometimes the best thing for you is to be "uncool." Full disclosure? I already prebought my tickets. ; )

  7. Love your cape and shirt. I am a twilight fan too, hubby even read his wedding speech to me using quotes from twilight!

    Ash :o)

  8. What a gorgeous post!! Nashville is so pretty in the fall! I love those tall boots and the poncho. Even the outfits in your intsagram posts are great!! Ugh. I love fall. Enjoy it while it's still here!!!


  9. I love your cape! It's so lovely~~

    xx maggie

  10. Witty and wonderful! Oh, and I love instagrams!!

  11. Amazing skirt! Love the instagrams, so cute! Happy friday! XO Rebecca

  12. Love the red knitted bag... ande the minty mellows.

  13. beautiful outfit! you wear that cape like a pro, my dear ;)
    have fun listening to the new soundtrack!

  14. hehe I'm glad to know another gal my age who likes those books! So cornball, so good. It's a lot better read when you have your own Edward, I tell ya that ;)


  15. oooh, and you look adorable of course! The cape and knee socks are so cute :)

  16. Stylish, your so pretty and amazing

    New outfit post -

  17. it looks so pretty in tennessee, just like you. great instas! :)

  18. I'm Twilight fans! definitely can't wait for Breaking Dawn premier hahaha. love your look! <3

  19. I love the picture of you slightly smiling! Maybe we can see more? : D

  20. i love the fall colors you're sharing with inspired me to wear my knee socks the other sister posted me the fancy treehouse package i had sent to her the other day. can't wait to get my new dress!


  21. You look beautiful! I adore the red knitted bag. :) And as for Twilight, I'm not a fan but I admit they do have great soundtracks!

  22. Cute! Love the socks and boots :)

  23. You always look like a fairytale character, I mean it! And twilight soundtracks rocks:)

  24. Cute outfit, looks like something straight out of a fairy-tail.
    The instagrams are simply delightful.

  25. Lovely!


  26. adore your outfit, coury as usual :) Have a fab weekend!


  27. Grat outfit! I love your boots!

  28. Love that sweater bag! And all the Fall foilage! LA is finally cooling down.

    Ner alert: Got my Breaking Dawn tickets at the Cineramadome already :)

  29. i am not particularly a twilight fan, although i have seen every movie thus far for one reason or another. probably because all my friends are huge fanatics. anywho, i AM accompanying my friend to the midnight showing next week, so wish me luck :)

  30. so many of my ultimate favourite things in one outfit?!? Cape, knitwear, polkadots, blous, pleated leather..amazing!

  31. What a dreamy surroundings! <3 I love your cute outfit too; the blue flower especially!

    Lost in the Haze

  32. What a beautiful and cozy outfit! I love it!



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