Oct 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hi there! We hope you're having a spooktacular Halloween! I have been experiencing false labor (not. fun.) quite a bit for the past week so we're eating pizza and watching movies at home this year....waiting for real labor which could be minutes or weeks away. I'm hoping she stays put for one more week and wish I could just enjoy this time but it's impossible to ignore all these labor signs and the pain that comes along with it. I know this time will be over in the blink of an eye so my goal is to enjoy every pain free minute I have over the next days/weeks until our girl is ready to meet us.

The thing I love most about life is that when I look back on it, it all looks beautiful and good. I won't remember the pain. I'll only remember these precious fun moments I'm spending with Gabe, Birds, and the rest of my family.

So thankful for life.

Love to you.
Ps: I will not turn down prayers for the safe arrival of baby girl. :)
Ps again: I cheated and started listening to Christmas music yesterday when I was supposed to wait until Nov 1. Don't tell Gabe. :)