Oct 29, 2012

Pumpkin Fest!

Hello! Warmest fall wishes to you!

My family and I attended the Franklin Pumpkin Fest this weekend and boy, was it fun! Friday had been 80 degrees and Saturday rolled around at about 50 degrees. Crazy, I tell you. It made it very festive and fun. Lots of people were in costume and there were lots of treats and fun booths. Obviously my body can't handle much these days and by the end of the fest I was writhing in contraction and rib pain in my dads car. There's always a couple of hours a day that I feel the need to time my contractions but they always taper off. I'm getting a little scared that I won't know I'm in labor.I've been assured by most that I will, but some women don't have a tremendous amount of pain before heading to the hospital. I just need to keep praying for peace, really.

Anyway, after the fest Gabe and I headed home to Birdie (we thought she would be too cold to bring along...Boston Terriers are always cold), watched Dark Shadows, and ate amazing pizza and ice cream. Perfect hugely pregnant Saturday! Can't believe any Saturday could be my last pregnant Saturday! AH!


Coat, bag, hat & Leggings (oh my) : Asos
Shirt: Gabe's (haha, can't believe his shirts fit me right now)
Cardigan: Romwe

Have a great week! I'll try to catch up some of your emails today!

XO, Coury

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