Oct 19, 2012

Love will grow from the very first hello.

So it's getting kinda silly just how beautiful this month of October has been to us. If I recall, I was saying this every day last October as well. It's just the BEST weather and there are so many different colors of leaves. RIDICULOUS! I'm just used to ugly California Octobers...hot...no leaves changing colors....boring. Oh, how I appreciate the seasons.

Plus, we have almost no time at all till Goldie's birth day! I'm already getting excited about planning her a first birthday next year. Stupid, I know. Can't believe how big she is getting and her lungs just have to mature a liiiiiittle bit more and she's all ready to join us! I ordered the last bits of baby gear the other day (diaper dekor, boppy lounger, etc) and we are SO ready. We just need to get our carseat properly installed at the fire dept. Wahoo! Just praying every day for that little bundle of pure joy.

Dress as blouse: Spotted Moth
Coat: Romwe

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Shoes: Dieppa Restrepo
Pants: Asos

Well, have a great weekend! We've got a Goldie appointment today, finally a pumpkin patch type thing tomorrow, and way too many treats with pumpkin in them all three days. ♥

XO, Coury

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