Oct 17, 2012

Build your world around her.

Well, now I couldn't hide my Goldie bump if I tried. :)

I am feeling REAL BIG...and I don't hate it. Actually I love it. I've waited to be pregnant for what seems like forever so I'm going to enjoy it.

I'm almost to that point where things could happen any day now so I'm packing our bag and trying to get everything in order here. Though I'm probably preparing way too early and I'm jinxing myself into being 2 weeks overdue. Haha. I just want her here as far away from Thanksgiving as she can be so she doesn't have to have her birthday near a holiday.  Anyway, doesn't matter what I want and obviously I just want her whenever she's ready and healthy.

Dress & backpack: Asos 
Boots: Rachel Comey 
Tights: We Love Colors

I've disabled comments here for now for reasons I won't mention because I don't like giving mean people attention for their actions but I still love communicating with you on twitter, instagram, and email. Thanks so much for being so great and taking this journey with me!

Xo, Coury

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