Oct 14, 2012

Neon Sun.

Loving neon green, oxblood (? yeah, still gross), and a nice mocha to bring them together. Birdie is loving it too. Oh wait, she's only loving the squirrels. Oh well. She doesn't get it. I'm going to have a daughter soon and she is going to get it. ♥

I know it's still the weekend but I already spent all my energy on Friday and Saturday. Sunday shall be a day of rest. I spent it with thee of my favorites (mom, sis, Gabe). We picked out Goldie's coming home outfit,  got some hospital bag essentials, ate, drank, and laughed. It may be harder for to get around these days but I am still having my FUN. Oh, we also toured our hospital and Gabe and I almost exploded from excitement.  Um, yep.

It's getting chilly y'all! BEST. TIME. OF. YEAR.


Blouse: Romwe
Sweater: Romwe
Leggings & backpack: Asos
Boots: Rachel Comey

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