Nov 29, 2012

Butterflies are free.

Hey guys! Why didn't anyone tell me how much work it is to have a newborn babe? (Just kidding...EVERYONE told me...repeatedly)

Anyway, obviously I have gone missing here but I have good reason. Goldie is eating all day long and she has gained 3 pounds in three weeks! She's 9 pounds as of today's almost 4 week old check-up. It makes me feel very proud that she's growing only because of my body feeding her. Pretty amazing!

Anyway again, here we are on our daily walk. It's getting chillier...but we still get some sunny warm-ish days too. I guess that's Nashville fall for ya. I love it.

My family got me my diaper bag for my birthday back in September and it's obviously the only bag I carry around at this point...haha. It's kind of crazy how many things I need to stuff in there! :)

Lastly...Goldie, her Auntie Lorly, and I are obsessed with Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. Cool. ♥

 Dress: Choies 
Coat & Sweater: Romwe 
Shoes: Rachel Comey
 (Diaper) Bag: Timi & Leslie 


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