Nov 20, 2012

To defend your happiness.

Hey there! Well, my due date came and I was really happy that I already had my angel baby!  I'm also happy that I can wear high waist pants again. It's the little things along with the big things!

And, wow, Thanksgiving is in two days! I'm super excited to hang out with my family. They have been getting their house ready for Goldie. Babies need lots of extra things!

Anyway, I have never been so tired in my whole life. I have been saying some pretty CRAZY things to Gabe in the middle of the night. We always laugh about it in the morning and that is what's important. ♥

Nashville is as beautiful as ever and it's nice to get out of the house once a day and practice with all the contraptions that we carry her around in. Today it was an exciting trip to Babies R Us. Well, it was exciting to me, ok? :)

Blouse: Romwe 
Pants: Asos 
Boots: Swedish Hasbeens

And here is my sweet angel girl at 16 days old! She is looking at the camera! Yay! ILOVEHER.

I hope all of my American friends have the happiest and most thankful Thanksgiving Day. My family has way too much to be thankful for this year and we will never forget how blessed and taken care of we are every day.  :)

Love. Coury.">-29 

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