Nov 15, 2012

Birdie Forever.

Well, I'm starting to feel like myself again! Now I just need to be able to go out to dinner and target and such. (We can on Saturday..yay!)

I have wanted this sweatshirt since February. Finally saw it on Modcloth and had to have it!

Anyway, it feels really great to be back among the living and I can't wait to take Goldie to the mall and buy her some hats to keep her teeny head warm. Her head has grown 1.25 inches since she was born 12 days ago. I figured you were probably wondering. Haha. :) 

Right now Goldie is sleeping on Gabe's chest and I'm about to explode from too much love in my heart. ♥

Ok, hope you are happy tonight guys. 

Coat & Blouse: Romwe
Sweatshirt: Rachel Antonoff
Boots: Rachel Comey

Love. Coury.


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