Nov 14, 2012

We're gonna build a little home for two or three or four or more....

Hi guys! Our family is busy adjusting to our new life with our precious girly. I won't say it hasn't been difficult at times. We obviously aren't used to running on little to no sleep and neither of us has ever taken care of a babay before. It's definitely a full time job. Luckily my family lives 15 miles away and they have been beyond helpful. My mom cooked us dinner every night the first week and cleaned and helped with Goldie girl. We wouldn't ever be able to thank her enough. We've also had friends bring food and visit and yesterday my sister brought us yummy bagels and I won't ever forget it. Although it's been challenging, it's been equal parts magic. So much magic. We've waited so long for her and every day we say, "This is our daughter" in disbelief. We just can't believe the joy she brings us every minute.  ♥

Trench c/o Romwe
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Hope you are having a fabulous week! I don't even know what day it is! Haha. ♥

XO, Coury