Jun 17, 2013

Father's Day.

What a special day a first Father's Day is! We're so thankful to have this handsome man in our lives. I never thought I could find a man who put his family above himself as much as my dad...but I did. My dad set the bar HIGH. I was writing in his Father's Day card the other day and wrote "You have NEVER EVER let me down." Maybe that sounds like a generic Father's Day sentiment to some but it's absolutely true in my life. Not even a small thing..never.

When you get married young like we did, you don't think about whether your partner will be a good parent. I know you should, but when you're young, you just really don't. Lucky for me, I got a good egg! He is an amazing hands-on dad and everyone can see that.  He loves and takes care of Goldie and I so well (and Birdie too..hehe).

(Don't mind my gauze covered finger. It's just 8 stitches worth of trying to open a pack of Jarlsberg cheese.)


Happy Father's Day to all the dad's who read my blog. (Basically Gabe and my own Dad only I'm sure. :)

(My Dress: Dear Creatures via Emerging Thoughts, Goldies dress: AA)

XO, Coury


  1. You're blessed to have great fathers in yours and Goldie's life. I'm happy to say I have the same for myself and my son!!

  2. You have a really wonderful family. I don't think there is anything better than a baby and a terrific husband.

  3. Wonderful photos and you can be really happy <3


  4. You look like such a happy family! :D Goldie is soooo so cute and adorable!! :)

  5. You have such a gorgeous family! You are a very lucky lady :)
    And I love that you cut your finger trying to get to cheese! Sounds like me haha

    xo Jennifer


  6. Awe, you guys match!! Your family is beautiful!!

    Alexia of vintage shop, Allie Tutu

  7. You guys are one beautiful family. :)

  8. Such a cute family. Your little one is a doll!

  9. Love your dress and Goldie's dress!

  10. Yeyeay, Happy Father's Day!! Goldie is an angel <3

  11. You are my inspiration, look through your records when you were pregnant.
    I am currently at 6 months :)


  12. Goldie was the cutest baby ever ♥


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