Sep 1, 2013

Sunny Florida

Greetings from Sunny, SUNNY Florida!

I guess we just missed tons and tons of Florida rain and got nothing but HOT sunshine. I'm not complaining! Ok, I did complain a bit...but it was really really hot.

It had been a bit since I'd been to the beach and I can't even remember the last time I actually wore a swimsuit on the beach so that was fun. It was also my Goldiekins' first time at the beach and SHE. LOVED. IT.

I was thinking we would take her in October in California but the beaches in Florida are so much nicer! They have the clean white sand, aren't overcrowded, and the water is actually warm. That's why I never wear swim gear on the beach, I'm from California and it's always too cold!

30A is just so much fun. There are so many cute little towns. Obviously Seaside was my favourite because they filmed some of The Truman Show there. Being obsessed with filming locations as a child/young adult/adult dies hard. Um, yes, of course we went by Truman's House. Gabe really likes that movie. So much that my brother bought him the DVD for Christmas one year. Too bad DVD's are so out of style now. (Here is where I would insert the laughing crying face from my phone)

Well, I've got Florida pictures all week here so it's your lucky week! Lol, JK.

Vintage top and skirt: Fancy Treehouse  
Sandals: Seychelles
Swimsuit: Seafolly via Anthropologie
Shorts: Zara
White Dress: Romwe


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  1. oh wow such a beautiful beach! and your stunning natural beauty always amazes me. your family is the cutest!
    13 FRIDAYS

    1. Thanks, so sweet. Yes, the beach was beautiful!

  2. I love your outfits. That swimsuit is lovely! <3


  3. LOLed at Seth buying that dvd. Also that you covered your feet for the sand pic.
    Now I would add MY cry face here.

  4. wonderful! such a lovely family, i love the pictures!

  5. Your swimsuit is soo lovely <3
    Beautiful photos :)

  6. It looks like Goldie loves the beach!

    xo Jennifer

  7. Love your daisy top!! And Goldie is getting even prettier <3

  8. These are the prettiest picks!

  9. you are a beauty! that swimsuit was made for you!

  10. this is where we go with my husband's family, but it's never occurred to me to find truman's house! ha! so fun!!! and we were there in july, also, and it did nothing but rain. literally. so you got lucky! or maybe i was just really unlucky! ;)

  11. Watercolor, Florida is the most beautiful place I've been in Florida, we stayed there for a month in the summer, I love the pastel houses!


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