Nov 4, 2013

Happy birthday dear Goldie.

The year that came and went in a flash. Beware, parents of fresh 2013 Scorpios....your year is about to FLY by.

We had a little party for her at my parents and it was such a magical day.  She was definitely overwhelmed by all the fun but she was such a sweetie all the darn day. She's been walking way more although is still very very cautious. She got her first scraped knee yesterday (of many to come I'm sure) which is why I wanted her to hold off on walking (forever?)...but I'm so proud of her. Seeing those wobbly knees and chubby ankles toddle around is like sunshine on the gloomiest day.

Let's also talk about the sight of my babe husband coming to the door with a huge Sofia The First balloon and flowers. He is the best Dadda. Love him forever and ever.

If you want to leave Goldie a birthday message in the comments I know she would love to read them someday. I saw Naomi do this for her babies and thought it was so sweet.

PS: Our friend Karlene MADE Goldie some books (6th pic up from the bottom). She needs a store immediately...or at least a blog!

Anyway, love my family and love you. Thanks for sharing the past year with us. ♥


I'm wearing a sweet dress from LASHES and Goldie's wearing a vintage dress from Elsie and Emma.

XO, Coury Pin It!Follow Fancy things.


  1. Happy Birthday Goldie! You're a cutie cake! xoxo


  2. Courtney RamosNovember 4, 2013 at 2:07 PM
    Dear Goldie Girl, Happy happy birthday!! I have enjoyed watching you grow this past year through all the pictures your momma, dad, and auntie have posted online. You are the sweetest little angel! Guess what? We share a birthday! (Except yesterday I turned 30!) and you share a birth month AND year with my daughter Noelle!) Noelle is going to turn 1 on the 20th! I see so many similarities in the two of you guys. Much love to you, pretty girl! Xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday dear Goldie!!

    That picture of her hands melts my heart. Hazel will be 5 months Friday and I can hardly believe it. It's been such fun watching your Goldie grow. It really has flown by so very fast. xx

  4. Happy birthday Goldie! Beware. The second year is way faster than the first.

  5. These are the sweetest decorations!

    xo Jennifer

  6. Happy birthday sweet Goldie! It's been so fun to watch you grow this past year. Your mom and dad love you so much and I'm so glad that they share little glimpses of you because you've definitely brightened my days.
    All the love in the world! xx, Aubrey

  7. Happy Birthday Goldie!! You are such a sweet little girl. I love your chubby chubby legs, whenever l see a baby with them l am always reminded of you. I hope when you read these one day you thank your parents for the beautiful first birthday party you had, because it looks great! Your apart of such a loving family and l know you will always feel loved and protected by everyone in your life. Lots of love from the other side of the world in Sydney, Love Sarah

  8. Those little crowns! What a great idea. Your kid is seriously cute, good job! :)

  9. Goldie, you r the cutest!

  10. Man, time flies! Happy Birthday, Goldie!

  11. seriously goldie do not put those in your mouth. they are water resistant but i don't know about non-toxic and who knows how much biting/sucking they can take! don't do it!! maybe soon you will be allowed to read "people" (nah). also i think that blue dress is embroidered with nano pets (???? inexplicable). you're the best little girl in the world, you will one day become one of the best people, i know it. xoxoxoxoxo karlene (coury this dress is perfect, never take it off, it's incredible)

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  13. Happy Birthday, pretty little Goldie! :***

  14. Can't believe it's been one year already :) Happy Birthday Goldie!!

  15. I loved watching you become a little girl this year!

  16. Happy birthday, Goldie! I've loved watching you grow during your first year of such a beautiful life. You are so very loved!

    Thanks for sharing, Coury!

    ♡ Alexis

    Ps. I LOVE my new Fancytreehouse clothes loot. Thank you!

  17. Little Goldie, you are the cutest! Happy one year! :-)

  18. Aww, is her birthday on 4th November? Mine is, and it was a Sunday as well, the year I was born... And the world is good to me, so hopefully it will be as good to her if not better! :)

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  21. She is so adorable! I loved this post so much. I will also be celebrating my niece’s birthday next week in one of the Chicago event venues and because I am her aunt, I have been given the responsibility of decorating and arranging the place. Thanks for sharing some good ideas here.


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