Nov 5, 2013

We're doing fall.

Although it seems the leaves can't fall from the trees fast enough and soon we'll be looking at sticks for months, we are getting a lot of mileage out of fall this year! Having a 1 year old makes everything more fun (though I didn't say it was easy.. :)

Anyway, I picked out this outfit from the magnificent Pepa Loves so I could feel like a mom in November in the '70s. It totally worked for me. I love having Goldie in my pics...they seem so boring now without her and I like to see myself as a mom. Does that sound weird? Oh well..I just love being Goldie's mom.

She's enjoying fall as well and has picked up a new hobby..collecting rocks. She picks two rocks up..hits them together a few times and grips onto them in each hand so tight that they are hot as fire when she lets go. It's adorable...then again...I am her number one fan. :)


Blouse & pants: c/o Pepa Loves 
Coat: c/o Romwe 
Bag: Asos 
Shoes: Rachel Comey 

 XO, Coury

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  1. oh these are so cute! you two make such a great team!

  2. i absolutely love how you so easily mention little things i toootally feel myself! i love having my 1 year old in photos with me. it's like it's just not the same without her now!! and isn't nashville in the fall so amazing?! it took me going away to college and coming home to realize how perfect it is :) i am obsessed.

  3. omg look at that fur jacket!!! so adorable

  4. I think you need to start including sources for Goldies outfits :) Because WHERE did you find those darling leggings?!

  5. You both look so wonderful :)
    Goldie's jacket is beautiful!

  6. you are looking mighty cute, coury! love these fall colors and those pants are amazing on you! that coat on goldie ... so cute!

    Lady à la Mode

  7. Absolutely beautiful fall outfit!

    xo Jennifer


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