Aug 8, 2014

Be Bohemian.

Hey guys, here to share with you the amazing pria 70 from Maxi-Cosi which has been made even more amazing with this sweet print and lots of extra cushion. I feel like Goldie is probably top 10 percent hardest baby to get to sleep in history (maybe exaggerating a teeny bit) and she has fallen asleep in this carseat almost every time she's been in it. She also loves pointing at the pattern and naming the colors she knows. WIN/WIN.
We have been using the black Pria 70 since we took her home from the hospital in it and it has held up beautifully. The best thing you can hope for is to only have to buy one and the Pria definitely provides that.
Not really an important point for some, but I feel like most every outfit I wear and Goldie wears match the pattern...obviously not in a matchy matchy way...but it's neutral in my mixed up clashed colors mind and I love that.
We're really just trying to get out everyday and enjoy every moment of this hot, sticky, HUMID weather.
So here's a look at the carseat and my outfit of the day.
Next time I'll be sharing more specifics of the collection and a video! :)

I'm wearing:
Dress: ROMWE
Boots: SEYCHELLES Lucky Penny

XO, Coury

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* Post brought to you by Maxi-Cosi.