Aug 9, 2014

Dollars to doughnuts!

Here are a few too many pictures from our evening at the County Fair.
It's just that I almost passed out from the cute vibes Goldie was throwing out.
They had this little activity where kids pretend they are working on a farm for the day. They pick apples, catch a fish, milk a cow, brush (?) a sheep, and pick veggies...all pretend. At the end they "sell" it all at the farmers market and get a pretend dollar to buy real chocolate milk or animal cookies with. HOW CUTE IS THAT?? And she had so much fun I swear my heart almost burst open. Such a fun memory we will always have and I am so thankful for the "real cam" pics I took the extra effort to get. Perfect summertime vibes all around.

Hope your weekend is going so well!

Love you all!

XO, Coury

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