Aug 19, 2014

It can happen to you, if you're young at heart.

Hey guys. Hope you're having a sweet Tuesday. I'm just catching up on some work while Goldie is hanging out at my mom and dads for a little bit. I definitely do a lot of work with her around but sheesh, is it ever hard? I cleared the guest bed out of our office/guest room (who am I kidding..we aren't having any guests) so I could put her toys and slide in here and keep her entertained while I try to work but I don't get much done before she's tapping her hand on the ground next to her motioning me to sit next to her and watch her play.

In any case, it's nice to have an hour thanks Mom. :)

I'm going to miss this neighborhood someday. I've been trying so hard to enjoy every day because I just know that when our life is different I'll miss this time. I have a terrible habit of wistfully longing for the future and not enjoying the present as much as I could be. I am working on it and I'm doing very well. As long as you realize what you're doing is a bad habit in the first place, it's a lot easier to rectify it.

Anyway, I'm very happy in this moment. Thankful. Excited.

I'm wearing:
Dress: Romwe
Skirt: Fancy Treehouse
Shoes: Old Zara
Coffee holder:

XO, Coury

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