Aug 16, 2014


Hey guys! So, we're here again sharing the Maxi-Cosi Bohemian Blue Collection for the last time. We put together a short video of the beautiful products and it is. :)

My cute and comfy dress was provided by Seraphine...who doesn't need such a dress when pregnant or toting an infant or toddler around? Some days you just need something easy to throw on, right?? And I actually didn't want to take this dress off.

Anyway, the Kaia Stroller is SO EASY to unfold and fold back up. I think that is my favorite feature. Our usual stroller is definitely tricky and you absolutely need to bend over and embarrass yourself. The Kaia is super simple as you can see in the video. The Mico AP Infant carseat is super light and Goldie liked putting her "baby" in it and...dare I say it made me kinda sorta want to tote an infant around in it! :) One of the best things about this combo is that you can use the stroller base and adaptors with the Mico AP while your baby is small enough and make your life that much easier. The Pria 70 is obviously sturdy and amazing as ever but the print just takes it over the top. It's super simple to adjust and it makes me feel very secure about Goldie in the car which is the #1 issue.

Thanks for reading and hopefully we have helped you even a teeny a bit on your baby gear quest. :)
XO, Coury

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