Sep 25, 2014


We have been using Honest products since before Goldie was even born so it was a no brainer to partner up with them!

I had such a problem deciding what to do about diapers before she was born. I was interested in cloth but when I found Honest, I knew I had found my answer. I loved that they cared about what was going on my baby's body and that they keep it as natural as possible. I get so excited each time a new pattern comes out that it's actually embarrassing. They are just so darn cute. It's also been so nice to have the bundle delivered to us each month and eliminating the worry of running out.

Since we started our bundles, they have grown even more and now feature so many more useful products. I love the baby powder for myself because I use it as a dry shampoo sometimes but always worry about what I'm putting on my head with the other baby powders...I feel good using this one. The Body wash smells heavenly, but I love that it's not overly fragrant because what's better than the smell of a baby?? :)

It's been really sweet to see Goldie's reactions to the diaper patterns start to evolve as she learns and grows. Now she can name all the colors and a lot of the shapes and it makes diaper changes a bit more fun for her. We'll be starting potty training any day now so I'm excited to have the training pants to use.

Honest is just the best and that's the truth! It's very special to our family. Sappy but true. :)

Nothing like a toddler running around in a diaper, is there? Ha ha. ♥
Plus, have you ever seen prettier packaging for baby products? No. ♥

*This post was sponsored by The Honest Company. Thanks so much for supporting my sponsors. 

XO, Coury

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