Sep 26, 2014

It's a zoo in here.

So, our weekends have been interesting since Goldie has been refusing to take naps. Let me just say she has a will as strong as iron. She is the sweetest girl I have ever known, sweeter than a chocolate shake, but her will is STRONG. This is going to be a great thing throughout her life, but it's not good for a little girl who still needs naps but won't take them.

Anyway, because of the nap skipping, she is usually in bed for the night by 6PM (I know).

Anyway part deux, I guess this has nothing to do with the pictures below of us at the Zoo last weekend. Cool.

To be honest with you, the Nashville Zoo is not the greatest Zoo. The animals are few and far between...but hey, look at this old farm house! That makes up for it? Oh well, Goldie is happy just looking at the "baaaas" and "moooos" that live by the house. I always like to check out the flamingos because they are the only pink thing in the Zoo (when actually they are more orange than pink but I digress). Then we grab a fresh juice and hit the road. Ha ha.

Also, I think this is my favorite Goldie outfit ever from the always exquisite Louise Misha.

We had a whale of a time this weekend (not even sure what that means...but it's good) and now it's almost next weekend!! Party time!

I'm wearing:
Dress: PepaLoves
Coat: Dahlia
Shoes: Asos

XO, Coury

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