Nov 28, 2014

La by phone

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This was such a special time.
I never even thought it was possible to leave my baby girl overnight but, guess what? I did, and I had so much fun I could have exploded. I'm not saying it wasn't super hard and I didn't literally wish she was there 90% of the time. I did. But I just can't believe I was able to enjoy myself...and I'm so grateful. for that gift. It was kind of a necessary trip so I'm glad I was forced to go because if it just would have been all for fun, I never would allowed myself to go.

It was so nice to hit up some old favorite spots, some new favorite spots, and spend tons of time with friends. Refreshing and delightful, all of it.

LA means something to me and it truly has my heart.

When we got back home to her, she gave me the sweetest greeting..rubbing my face and saying "Happy" and "Momma's face...funny". I could have died from happiness in that moment.

Here's some of what my phone camera saw. ♥


XO Coury

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