Dec 1, 2014

Present Palooza!

Hey guys! Today I'm partnering with for a super fun gift exchange...Present Palooza! This was such a fun idea and I just loving giving gifts! I know it's cliche but sometimes giving gifts really is more fun than receiving them!

I got matched up with a cute girl in California and we chose presents for one another at Zappos! I quickly learned that just about every present you could be searching for is right there. I chose a Ring, these great every day Seychelles Booties, and this adorable Cat Purse for my gal Joellen.

She picked out this Coat and Necklace for me and this darling little Denim Jacket for Goldie Pot Pie. Obviously we frolicked a bit. This girl loves to be outside so much! Just like her mama...but not when it's cold...that's where we differ. Ha!

I was really impressed with the customer service of the Zappos experience and the fast, always free shipping is a super bonus. They also have a 365 day return policy which is so nice. I'll definitely be shopping there a lot more.

Be sure and check out the Zappos Gift Guide here for all your gifting this season!

*This post was sponsored by Zappos. Thanks a million for supporting my sponsors and allowing me to spend more time with my baby girl. :)

XO Coury

My sweater is from She Inside.

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