Feb 16, 2015

It's a Disney World.

We are going to start sharing some vlogs on YouTube so check out  THIS VIDEO of Goldie meeting some princesses and subscribe there.

I am so thankful for photos. It really bugs me when people smugly throw out the old "if you're having fun you probably aren't taking pictures and you're just enjoying yourself" line. Well, there are certain people that have MORE fun when they are snapping pictures...and I am one of them. I made a list the other day of little things that make me truly happy...taking walks in the warm sun with a cold beverage and a standards playlist is probably the first thing that comes to mind every time. But near the top of the list is styling and taking a photo that I think is beautiful in some way. Anyway, I highly recommend making such a list and then figuring out how to do the things on your list as often as possible. Life is short. ♥

Going to Disneyland from LA for a few hours was definitely on my "happy list". This was absolutely the most fun I've ever had at Disney. I am obviously partial to Disneyland as a true Californian, but Florida will hold a special place in my heart since we've been tree times with Goldie and she isn't even 2 and a half. We were all floored at what a good girl she is. Not ONE meltdown from a 2 year old??? She's such a happy baby and she got super tired at some points (she didn't take any naps at all), but was just a non-stop sweetie. My main tips would be to make sure they have snacks, drinks, toys, books, and clothes for all weather at all times. I feel like meltdowns happen sometimes because needs aren't met so if you anticipate the need before it arises, you can make your day a lot more pleasant.

Anyway, here are a bunch of pics. So grateful for this trip and a break from the cold weather...now it's all about getting through this winter. Eyes on the prize.  ♥

XO, Coury

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