Jun 18, 2015

Viva Las Vegas

The sky is more blue and the clouds have more dimension. It's hotter than you can imagine.
I do love Las Vegas. Still not really sure why. ♥
Oh, the fact that we got to try Shake Shack helps! It was....so good. Dare I say, better than In n Out...I mean...just different. But I like the lettuce and tomato way better from Shake Shack and the sauce is so unique. Two enthusiastic thumbs up. Can't wait 'til they come to LA next year...although realistically we will probably get it about once every two months.
How adorable is that mini swan shirt from Milapinou?
Also, so happy I got to wear this dress before it disappeared from the store minutes after posting it.
Anyway, loving my family and loving my life this afternoon.
So happy. I feel like I got so  much of my self back after moving back to California. I can't say I'm positive we'll always live exactly in LA, although that would be the best case scenario...but I do know that I'll never leave California again and I don't take for granted being able to make the boring/fun drive to Las Vegas on a whim. ♥

XO, Coury

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