Jul 2, 2015

I'm gonna be true if you let me.

Hey guys! What a great morning at the Madonna Inn. Beautiful pool, beautiful sunshine. This place is just my favorite. ♥
We had cake leftover from the night before so...duh..pink cake for breakfast. I was up forever waiting for Goldie to wake up while Gabe took advantage of the fitness center. I am the worst at sleeping in on vacation. I just want to take full advantage of every minute! Goldie went to sleep super late so she slept in 'til like 9 and I was doing everything I could to wake her up on accident. Ha ha.
I used to wave  bags of coffee beans under Gabe's nose to wake him up. He is more of an early bird these days, thank goodness. ♥
Anyway, when she finally did wake up, we were just #living. Also, this was the obvious place to wear this dress. Yes, I got many puzzled stares from fellow hotel guests..but that's ok. I understand. I would stare at a flamingo dress too. Such a special piece.

My flamingo dress is from Lazarri, sunnies from ZeroUV, and shoes by Loeffler Randall.

Goldie's dress is from Louise Misha, Tee by Lulaland, and shoes by Zuzii.

Flower crown by Rock N Rose.

XO, Coury

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