Jul 6, 2015

I'd be a silly so and so if I should ever let it go.

Ugh! Looking back at these photos makes me want to cry. We had such a good time.

I have been by this hotel lots (posted blog pics HERE years ago) but never stayed here.

Goldie at the restaurant is probably one of my favorite memories in my life. It was pretty late for us to eat..maybe around 8:30. Goldie was so excited that we were at a restaurant so late and the waitress was so sweet and gave her a balloon and crayons and we ate and got pink cake to eat in our room.

It just breaks my heart in the best way thinking about that night. Thank GOD for pictures. ♥

Goldie's outfit is from Louise Misha and her shoes are Zuzii.
My dress is in my SHOP.

XO, Coury

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