Aug 26, 2015

Summer walks.

It's insane that summer is already winding down. It's been-to quote the ubiquitous (around these parts) Teen Beach 2- The Best Summer Ever.  My birthday is in two weeks and we're having a fun little end of summer trip. I am PUMPED. I had already stared planning Goldie and my outfits weeks ago. Haha. SO me.

Anyway, we're definitely in transition around here as a whole. It hasn't been easy for Gabe and I on our quest to become adults. We've definitely hit a lot of snags and I'm grateful for those snags because the perfect thing for our family hasn't arrived yet. For now, we're living in the moment as best we can without feeling frozen waiting for the future. It's a good place to be and I'm gonna miss these days so much someday. We get so much time together and we get to live in the greatest city ever. We are all healthy and we have an almost 3 year old daughter! How??? :)

And now, it's almost time for the new "clean" PSL.

My dress is from Lattori.

XO, Coury
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