Aug 19, 2015

Beach day!

Yay, another beautiful beach morning. We've been having some crazy heat here so we didn't stay too long...usually we have about a 2 hour max but I guess that doesn't even count as a beach "day" and that's ok. :)

Hope your Wednesday is moving along swimmingly.
We got to go back to Disneyland yesterday for the first time a quite a few weeks. It was so fun but it's definitely hard taking Goldie by myself...and in this heat! Gabe is coming with us again tomorrow night after work. I can't wait!

Aaaaaand we're planning a little trip for my birthday in a few weeks. I AM SO EXCITED.

Goldie's sunsuit is from Shop Sweet Threads and my top and dress are from My Shop. :) 

XO, Coury
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