Sep 13, 2015

Disneyland September 8, 2015.


I never bring my real camera to Disneyland because it's just annoying but I justified it because it was my birthday and I'm always so glad when I do.

I'm so glad the castle was dressed up for it's birthday! We did the character breakfast at Plaza Inn and it was really fun but it came pretty close to being ruined by Captain Hook. Much to Goldie's terror, it seemed like he stayed in our area the entire time. Luckily Dale and Fairy Godmother saved the day by being sweethearts. We did witness some crazy rudeness by other guests. There was a lady yelling at Dale  (yes, some one was yelling at the dressed up chipmunk character) while he was playing hide and seek with Goldie because she hadn't got her picture yet. "We've been here an hour and a half! We have to go!" The rudeness of people shocks me. Seriously, all I care about when Goldie is grown and gone is that she's kind to everyone. I feel like if you're truly happy, you're nice to people. It makes me feel secure about raising kids when I narrow it down and think, "If she's kind and happy, that's all that matters."

Goldie is still free because she's under 3 so it's alright that she only ate about 5 bites of fruit loops. If I was paying $30 for her, we wouldn't be doing this breakfast...but luckily I am a kid at heart so it was just as much fun for me.

They were just starting to put up the Halloween time decor and it made me so happy. I love California so much because we get fall decorations without the cold weather. I know most would disagree but I remember (prompted from my timehop today) that it started to get cold in September in Nashville last year and the feeling of dread that came with it for me.  I'm so thankful I don't have to go through another winter there. Things are far from perfect here, but I can fully appreciate that I am in the state where I was born, raised, and belong.

We got to stay at the Grand Californian and it was magic. I want to cry right now thinking about how thankful I am for that. What a dream. We got to get in Disneyland an hour early because we were staying at the hotel and instead of taking advantage of that and riding rides, we sat on this porch on Main Street nearly the entire time because Goldie was pretending it was her house. And this is a good example of why Disney doesn't charge admission for 2 year olds. :)

Anyway, I love Disney forever and I don't work for them (been asked that a lot on insta) but I want to so if anyone wants to get me a job, I'm in.

My jumpsuit is from Dahlia
Goldie's pinafore is from Sweet Threads
and her shoes are Zuzii.

Have a great Sunday night! Hope you have the best week ever! Thanks for reading! 

XO, Coury
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