Sep 16, 2015

PS: I love you.

"Dear, I thought I'd drop a line."

This trip.
We needed it so much!
The last time we were in Palm Springs, Goldie was a poppy seed in my belly, I was super nauseated the whole time, and it rained. This was redemption at it's finest.
I have to thank our amazing hosts, Vacation Palm Springs. Super nice people, gorgeous clean house, extremely smooth and easy getting in and out of the house. I couldn't recommend the service enough. It's the TOPS.

 It was so nice to play in the pool all day, eat fun food, and pretend we lived in Palm Springs and this gorgeous house was ours. It was fun to dream and even made me seriously want to live in Palm Springs some day. I really do think I was made for life in the California desert. I have lived in the extreme heat before and loved it. I think someday we'll live in PS.

 Loved wearing this sweet suit by Mouille Swimwear. So comfy.  Goldie loved hers too. I think I learned on this trip that I try to cover too much up when I shop for swimsuits. I felt more comfortable in the less covering bottoms for some reason. Go figure. Anyway, if you usually try to cover up as much as possible like I do, maybe try something with less coverage. Sometimes it's more flattering and more comfortable.

 The floaty was in the pool when we got to the house. It was quickly named "Sharkie" and was Goldie's friend throughout our stay.

One of the amazing parts of staying in a house is making your own drinks and snacks. SOOOO FUN. If we stayed longer I would have cooked in the gorgeous kitchen but we wanted to hit up our fave restaurants and we only had a few days. Next time I'm thinking Thanksgiving dinner!

Anyway, sorry for just dumping a million pics in here but, believe it or not, I cut A LOT of them out!

My ruffle suit and Goldie's matching one is from Mouille Swim

Goldie's monster shirt is by Creatures and Features,

her playsuit and pinafore are via Sweet Threads

and her pink swimsuit is from Aquaree

Thanks for taking a peek at our special trip. :)

XO, Coury

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