Dec 29, 2015

Christmas at the pink hotel.

So, just like Thanksgiving, this Christmas was to be our first as just the three of us. Is it just me or is Christmas Day a little bit of a downer? Hear me already opened presents, you already watched the parade and ate fun Christmas morning it's 10am and what do you do? Too late for Christmas movies and Christmas music. So, we decided it would be fun to go out of town after the morning festivities and I'm so glad we did. Hopefully we started a new family tradition. I am thinking Palm Springs next year!

So, we dropped Birdie off at the pet sitter (thanks Rover) and made our way up the coast. It's such a beautiful drive. I love everything about California landscape and I felt so thankful to be born and raised up and down this wonderful state. It was pretty chilly but the pool was warm and we took our tights off and walked around in it for a bit and it was incredibly therapeutic. I didn't realized how much I missed summer and it's only been "cold" for maybe a month and a half. Looking forward to some 80 degree days in January. They usually show up around here!

Unfortunately Gabe woke up sick Christmas morning but he pushed through and had fun all the way through our fancy late lunch at the Alex Madonna Steakhouse. Gabe had a steak of course and Goldie and I shared pasta and a virgin "Pink Cloud". After we ate he crashed at about 5pm  in the room and didn't wake till 7 the next morning. The good news is that he felt totally better in the morning so we got to enjoy that day! We got up, went and got bagels, snapped some memories, took a walk, and had some pool time. It was berry nice.

Somehow I've never been able to get a pink room but this room, "Ren", was pretty great. Super cozy. I love long shag carpet so much.

I'm so thankful for my family and for our health. I can't express it enough.

Here are way too many photos for one post. ♥

My Floral dress is from Unique Vintage.
My white Dress is from Pepa Loves.
Mu unicorn booties are from Ouigal (Theyre the fringe ones but I had an accident and had to remove the fringe..still love the booties to bits fringe or not).
My coat is old Asos.
Goldie's pinafor and playsuit are both from Shop Sweet Threads.

Hope you had the Merriest of Christmases. Thanks for reading.

XO, Coury
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