Feb 29, 2016


I snapped a few pics of our living area the other day to remember it when we are gone from here someday. We kind of had to scramble to find this place all the way from Tennessee so I feel lucky to be living here at this stage even though it is FAAAAAR from perfect. The front windows are it's best attributes by far but they're pretty good attributes to have. The rest of the place is definitely nothing to take a picture of but I'm happy living in the LA area so I expect to live in a less desirable place for a way higher price tag than it's worth. Having faith that we will be able to buy a fixer upper in Pasadena someday and slowly make it our own (speak it into existence!). Just have to figure out how to make it happen. For now, I'm going to enjoy our days here with no dishwasher and one single power outlet for the entire kitchen.

The amazing pink fluffy rug from is Rugs Usa, where I've been buying all my rugs for years and years. They are the best.