Mar 16, 2016

Desert Life.

Sooo.... late March/early April is theeee best time to be in Palm Springs. It's not too hot (which I prefer but it's not too healthy for me being pregnant and all)...and not too cold but it does cool off at night. The best.

Last time I was pregnant I tried to wear one piece swimsuits and they were SOOOOOO uncomfortable. I've found it best to wear the least amount of fabric as you can to stay comfortable haha. Hey, you're pregnant, you don't have to look perfect. Not that you should ever have to look perfect because that's not even possible, but we all place unrealistic expectations on ourselves.

I just love my family so much (duh). We have the best time together and my hospital visit during our vacation really got me excited for baby boy's arrival. I guess it just made him more real and made me realize that he is going to make our family even more fun and we are all going to love him to pieces. Seemed hard to imagine, but now I'm starting to get that. Goldie is getting so excited too. My main goal in those newborn months is to keep as many of our routines intact as I can, which is going to take me asking for help which I am not very good at. Terrible at it, really. But if it's to spare my sweet 3 year old's feelings, I will ask away!

Anyway, have a great rest of your Wednesday. Can't wait for the weekend, like always. Thinking about hitting the beach though it's always 15 degrees colder over there.

Goldie's clothes from Poppy's Closet, Lacey Lane, and swim from old navy.
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