Jun 2, 2016

35 weeks.

35 weeks and I'm starting to feel it!

Feeling like my body is starting to wind down and get ready to have this baby. I would seriously be so surprised if he doesn't come early, judging from my last pregnancy. I guess you never know though. We made the crazy decision to put in our 30 day notice at our current home and try to find a new one in a couple of weeks. I know. I just got to a point where I couldn't imagine not having central a/c and a dishwasher with a newborn. Crazy nesting instincts I guess. I know it's frivolous to feel like I "need" these luxuries but I really am just trying to make things as easy as possible because I know it's gonna be nuts having a newborn and a 3.5 year old. I had a pretty hard time when Goldie was a newborn, mostly because I really don't care for breastfeeding, but I'm determined to get through it once again. Having clean dishes and a cool house in summer will def make things a little better. I think the fact that I know how hard it will be will automatically make it better. Last time I thought it would be all sunshine and roses forever and ever, but it's hard. All that said, I'm excited! :)

Also excited to get rid of this belly. Haha. Sorry if that offends anyone but come on! I feel like I have a 20 pound weight strapped to my middle and it's not so comfortable. Let's get real, eh?

I feel like I have had more fun getting dressed this time around. There are just more options now for clothes and I bet it will continue like that! So fun. The only thing I never found were "cool" jeans that fit. So I can't wait to get back in my high waists. Anyway, who cares about that. As long as my baby is healthy life is good!

I just love love love this romper from Fillyboo. It's probably my favorite maternity item this time around.