Mar 19, 2014


Ugh, this day was so so so good.
It was the best mild pre-spring weather and we had the whole day to spend together as a family.
We were over in East Nashville at our friends Colleen and Danny's house (who happen to have a beautiful shop and blog) so we decided to head over to the nature walk we have taken so many times before. It brought up so many emotions for me. I took so many walks there pregnant...first sipping a soda water and pinch of juice, then my half-caf iced Vanilla latte from Ugly Mugs after I loosened up a bit. Then I remembered the WALK we took there in the fall with a then 8 days old Goldie. I'm in tears even thinking about it now. Life is fast and precious. Here she is now practically running around everywhere. Thank the LORD. And all that hair! The ponytails I get to create are a fun bonus! Haha!

 I'm wearing:
Boots: the Lucky Penny by seychelles

Goldie's wearing:
DRess: babygap
Pants: Janie and Jack
Mocs: Littlelookershop

 XO, Coury

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